Licenced & Insured Small Business

Repairs of Fences is an American-owned and operated company specializing in the repair of wood, chain link and wrought iron fences for nearly 24 years.

We specialize in the replacement of broken wood posts for residential homeowners and the replacement of bent and broken fences at commercial properties. Our expertise allows us to completely rebuild a residential wood fence or a commercial chain link fence and associated gates without a new replacement of either.

Our work is professional and within the bid we provide. We have installed nearly 13 miles of commercial chain link fences and gates over 17 years for one customer and continue to repair portions of this fence hit by their nearly 375 tenants. Other long-term customers are a major trash company for whom we repair wood and chain link fences and a major property management company for whom we have repaired wood fences and gates the last 7 years.


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